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Steve H. - California

"The bow came in Friday and she was just awesome!  Thank you so much for the extras also!  I drank the Mead Kool-Aid and its was intoxicating!  I am ruined!  But it's for the better though.  The performance this bow delivered exceeded my expectations!!!"

C. Davis - Suwanee, GA


Received the kit, assembled the bow and just shot it. Fan-Tas-Tic!! I’m going to cover the handle and siyah/limb joints with leather. Will send pics when I’m done. Thanks for all of this."

Larry R. - Chichester, United Kingdom

"I just received my Horsebow from Mead Longbows. I was a little concerned about it arriving in good condition as I am in the UK and -well, thats a long way and a lot of handling. Fear not, Dave Mead applied the same smart thinking to the box as he has to his bows…a Triangular plywood box that prevents parcel companies stacking others on top of it. Genius. He is already my hero before I have even opened the box!
The Bow is a thing of simple beauty just to look at (I am a wooden boat builder and have a thing about workmanlike simplicity). There is no bling to fool the eye and the woodwork and construction are just spot on. In boat building we have a saying “if it looks right then it’ll be right”. That applies here. Picking it up, the balance is spot on and it’s just begging to be shot. I am a sighted re-curve Archer with a growing affection (now bordering on fanaticism!) for traditional archery and this slaked my thirst for sure. I took it to my club where we have really experienced English Longbow archers and they loved it even before they shot it. I know now they respected its look and feel, yet expected a moderate performance. Not so … it was an outstanding performance, "this is amazing”- "look how it spits those arrows” - “what a cast from this bow” - “ Larry that's a really nice bow” “tell me all about it pls etc etc” .. Praise indeed as these Archers have been shooting for 40 yrs plus.
My turn - Now bear in mind I shoot a sighted bow…. I shot it instinctively, slight cant, both eyes open and right on the Target Butt gradually moving in to the middle. I can’t explain why, but I did not ‘remember’ to shoot instinctively, I just did, it’s that sort of bow. Straight flight, zero hand shock, quiet and no limb stacking. I always wear an arm guard but there was no string slap either.

Dave - people have been designing bows since Adam was a boy… yet this is one where all the planets aligned. It should be three times the price, but having spoken to the man himself (had to ring him) I can see why it’s not. This man is a master bowyer, archers friend, that's what makes him tick. Its all about the Archery, not about the money. Watch the videos and you can see who you are dealing with. I am going to put my self build Mead Horsebow together this weekend. I know it will be a joy and I will wish I could build it all over again."

(Larry ordered one Custom Finished Horse Bow and one Horse Bow Kit)

L.C. Green - Alabama

"I chose Mead Longbows mainly because I’d developed a curiosity in working with bamboo. I started following Dave on social media, watched nearly all of his You Tube videos and became intrigued with his skill. I’ve been making primitive bows for years. I’ve researched, studied and have a good understanding of the craft, but Dave is unique. There’s an organic appeal to his work, which to me reflects his character as a bowyer and as a man.

I decided on the three-day course because I didn’t want to rush this. It was obvious from my research, that he had developed a good working knowledge with tried and true techniques. I wanted to soak up as much of that as I could, so I opted for the longer class. I’m self-taught. I have all the books, I’ve watched all the videos but I have never seen anyone work with bamboo, this is different than any other wood. I knew I needed a hands-on experience with a knowledgeable instructor to give me what I was looking for.

I arrived at his location, introductions were made and school was immediately in session. We talked for bit and discussed my background in bow building, helping David gain insight into my knowledge and skill. He then laid out a basic itinerary for the three-day course. Every minute aspect… Siyahs, handles and limbs were explained in a step-by-step approach, with detail. As we worked together, I found it especially helpful that he also worked on a bow as he instructed me. A few times, he had to take over my build just enough to correct mishaps and errors. The one thing that really stands out is the tillering process of the bamboo limbs; much different than wood/self bow tiller. That experience alone was worth the trip.

The end product is a beautiful, 45# @ 29-30” bamboo, horsebow that is light, extremely quick and accurate.

The whole experience has restored my passion for building. While it has always been a hobby, I mainly just enjoyed the aspects of working with wood. My time with Dave has broadened my view and deepened my understanding. Looking forward to returning for more instruction. I’m not only building as a hobby now. This course has given me the desire to hunt. Can’t go wrong with this guy. Hands down, you get what you pay for and so much more."

Coach Mike - El Paso, TX

"Wanted you to know that my "Bamboo Bambino" is working great.  I even made a set of bamboo arrows to complement the the natural theme.  One of my archery friends purchased one of those $80 Chinese bows to compare with your natural "composite" bows and was astonished at the speed and smooth draw of mine.  He could of invested just a little more and got the "REAL" thing...!  I am very pleased with my bow and re watched your Tube Videos over and over.  Would some day like to meet you in person and perhaps make a build on one of you new deflex bows.  You are to be commended for making available a piece of history that can be enjoyed by many at a very affordable price.  BTW...My friend was very disappointed with his Chinese purchase as the hand shock was considerable and "twang" very noticeable....!!  Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of "Team Mead" in the world of Primitive Archery."

Jacob Matern - Athol, MA
"I want to start out by saying that I received my bow on Monday It is absolutely fantastic! I added a thin stacked leather arrow shelf (inspired by Nick Tomihama) and wrapped the handle with suede leather lace (I may change this later). This bow is the best performing and most pleasant to shoot that I have ever had! From the first shot I was amazed at the perfectly straight, bullet-like trajectory. I haven't even tuned my arrows to it yet! I watched all of your videos (and others' reviews of your bows) while I impatiently waited for it's arrival and thought I knew what to expect...but I was still amazed at the performance of it and just the pure joy I felt shot after shot! You do fantastic work my friend! If I had any less self control I would just keep ordering bows from you and would cover my living room wall with them! Haha. They are as beautiful and unique as they are deadly!"

Dan Wolff - Olympia, WA
"Shot my new Mead Longbows primitive bow against my modern recurve (Archery Craft, Toronto) this morning and here's my review:
The Mead bow shot cleanly, almost soundlessly, fast and I had energy for more. Slightly lower power didn't matter as I was able to loft arrows almost twice as quickly as with the classic recurve but with the same accuracy. Plus, if you hit the target (yes, I know there are no bullseyes in this pic) you feel like you actually accomplished something.
As I shot I found myself picking up the primitive bow more and more. No handshock, almost no sound. Or as Mark put it, "wow, that sounds like one of those bows in the movies." By comparison, the Archery Craft bow sounds like someone plucking a double bass string in your ear. And it hurts. I like walking away from a shooting session without a strained wrist.

Thanks, Mead Longbows, This is my new favorite bow now and I am a convert to primitive archery, it's instinctive and it feels good, and that's what it's all about. I'm saving up to buy another bow from you."

Ron Sanders MD (ret) - Lake Charles, LA
"Thank you, Dave, on my behalf and that of the archery community!
I've owned many high-end bows and none have shot better than your Horse Bow. As a matter of fact , most haven't shot nearly as well, including laminated longbows I produced commercially many years ago ! There is NO hand shock and string noise level doesn't require silencers and I can't honestly say that about ANY other bow I've ever shot. The physical weight is unbelievably low.
At my short draw length of 24 1/2 - 25 inches, a 480 grain arrow MOVES !!! My point - on is 22 yds and 30 yds is just a bit more than an arrow diameter high. That's all I need for hunting and stump shooting.
My health is challenged significantly... body-wide I must be choosy about how I spend my time. Dave's bow is what I'll use exclusively for my remaining time and it will accompany me Viking - style on the Final Journey.
Do yourself a favor..try this bow."

Michael Condict
"Picked up the bow today, it looks beautiful! I am greatly impressed with your workmanship, and also all that goes into all of the information and care in the longevity of these bows long after they leave your control. A light and deadly little bow, smooth draw with no stack, snappy release and drives those arrows deep into a round bale of hay. Thank you for your excellent work!"

Benjamin Larkin
"I just wanted to give a huge thanks to Dave Mead for the incredible target bow I bought. It's quick as a whip and so much more fun than my 50# hickory longbow. The quick shipment before me moved to my new duty station was greatly appreciated."

John Halverson
"I had an unexpected gift of a free afternoon, so I unpacked and attacked the kit Dav-o sent out. To say the finish work on the parts kit was lacking would be an understatement. But don't get me wrong, it is JUST cosmetics! (You want pretty, then pay a pretty price, this kit is a smoking steal!) I screwed around cleaning up tool marks and refining details until I finally HAD to start following the video instructions. I photo/video documented the process and further used up time, and still was shooting the first arrows in just over 3 1/2 hours.
I chose to make it a solid bow and not a take-down and dithered around changing some of the mating surfaces between limb and riser. I did NOT modify the limbs, riser, angles, or any feature. I am a bowyer with 15 years experience and several hundred self-bows worth of experience. What I did were refinements and unless you have serious experience, just assemble what you get. David's kits, if they are like mine, will be fine AS IS. My 26 inch draw was just fine and she vomited arrows with some serious heat! Makes me wanna go find my chronograph and see just what speeds I am getting. No doubt this would push a single blade broadhead through the boiler room of any and all North American game. I would not hesitate to carry this for anything from squirrels to elk."

Scott Powers
"I recently built one of the DIY kits from Mead Longbows. This style of bow has interested me for a long time, but back when I was shooting often they were always expensive and I was more interested in learning to make bows. So when I saw Dave's DIY kit I knew I needed to make one. He does a great job with his video instructions, and it is a really unique bow. I love that he utilizes bamboo so well for the limbs, and having it be a folding takedown is nifty when packing for trips. The version I have is one of the original ones, which he has replaced with a newer geometry that is more efficient, as well as a longbow like version."

Steve Smith
"The bow kit was awesome and I plan on getting to a point where I'm able to make a bow from a stave. It shoots great!
I'm thrilled with the bow. Thank you so much for the quality product and personal service."

Chris Zakrzewski
"Thanks to Dave for all his help and support. I'm very happy with the end results.really enjoyed this project!"

Cindy S.
"I live near Berea, Ky and every year I look forward to attending some of the Berea Learnshops. I am an elementary school visual arts teacher, and the Berea classes remind me of the thrill I want to give my students by creating something new, a great rejuvenating jolt right before I start a new school year. This year I spied a class on Turkish Horsebow making, and another on making primitive arrows- how cool! I could tie this into our phys. Ed. Unit on archery, and with our fifth grade social studies about Native America-you know, collaborating with other classes and strengthening learning, teacher brownie points! And.... let's face it, this looked like fun! I knew I was in good hands with Dave Mead from the moment I arrived. After 24 years of teaching you can't help but notice how classes are presented and organized to you, and he did a great job. Our first task after an introduction on bows and bow making was to get to work sanding the carefully shaped pieces in the end of the bows. He had correctly assessed the time limitations to give us the most steps in making that could fit in the class time allowed. He had prepared with well thought out 'kits' to assemble each bow, while still keeping the steps challenging and engaging. We started in on several hours of hard, careful work. He demonstrated and explained well, he helped patiently, he did not rush or allow any feelings of frustration or worry about going too slow to creep in, he kept us all engaged in a light patter that effortlessly returned to the the task at hand as needed. My teacher brain observed that, with all our differences in skill and ability to pay attention, it would have been easy for the 3 hour session to devolve into 'herding cats', but he kept us all on task pleasantly and easily, and we all successfully made really nice, very functional bows AND had time for some archery instruction, at which he is also a master. The next day I returned confident that I would have an equally pleasant, informative and successful session to make arrows, and I was not disappointed.Dave Mead teaches with careful, well thought out intention, maintains a very positive learning culture, and as you talk with him, you realize he has a great depth of knowledge in his subject, he has made different kinds of bows for years, he looked to history and local, inexpensive materials to synthesize a very functional, affordable replica of the legendary Turkish horse bows that can actually break down into smaller parts for transport! He actively competes and is a master archer, and teaches that skill as well. I would with great confidence recommend anyone, child or adult, who is interested in archery to learn both making and using bows from him. I intend to continue learning from him and to move into actual horseback archery over time."

J. Rennick
"The bow I bought from you is awesome!"

James Gibson
"Love the bow. It's the easiest one to shoot ever and has that amazing speed."

(James attended one of my private bow building workshops.)

Robert Hamilton
"I just finished my bow and took the first few shots. Feeling good and stable and fast! Thanks Dave you da man!"

Kevin Temme
"Dave, this bow is awesome! It's so accurate, sturdy, light weight, and looks amazing."

Dave N.
"This thing is awesome! Also I have shown this bow and your handmade arrows to many people the response is awesome good stuff my friend!"

"I was delighted when I opened the package and held my very first horse bow. It is just as bowyer Dave Mead advertises it to be and more. It is unbelievably light , maneuverable and stable. The cast is amazing at 43 # and 26 inches draw. The 500 grain bamboo arrow that came with the bow... with broadhead... flies like a dart at all distances and delivers plenty of punch. That arrow consistently flies 200 plus yards. I'm using a non-mechanical release of the type "backyard bowyer " shows on You Tube and it works like a charm, providing more draw power and an extremely solid anchor, unlike my old - man's hands. Finishing my bow has been great fun . I'll finish my remaining hunting years with this great little bow.
My bow will be in the Arkansas woods with me for all of February. I'll send photos of everything the bow kills ASAP. Dave is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and promptly responds to questions. My next goal is to get my hands on one of Dave's sinew - backed horse bows . Dave sinews his bows for performance and not just extension strength.
Thanks, Dave , for making your horse bows affordable. Never thought I could afford one before Mead Longbows came along. Do yourself a favor... buy Dave's bow. You won't regret it."

Gary Gibson - Wisconsin
"I was shooting my horsebow last night.  Three shot groups inside 2” at 18 yds.  What is interesting to me is that as I’ve shot it in, probably have 250-300 shots thru her, it keeps getting better (more consistent). It’s just a really well designed bow. Can’t wait to sling some sinew powered cane arrows this fall."

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Andrew - Glasgow KY "Dave thank you man for making one of the world's best primitive bows it was great! I just don't have the words to describe how great a feeling it was . The arrow buried right up to the feathers almost came out the other side. I hope you enjoy the videos sorry for the quality I only had a cell phone but I will make sure and send you some feathers this was awesome could not have done it without you!

Larry Ross - Arkansas

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my horse bow. I must admit I was skeptical of your claims, but it didn’t take many shots for me to be convinced that you are on to something special with your bamboo bows. After playing making bows for 20+ years, I can make a pretty good straight limbed osage self bow, but what I can’t do is make one shorter than 5 feet that I can shoot accurately (with a 30" draw length). I can’t explain why, but for some reason I’m just about as accurate with your 50 inch horse bow as I am with my 5 1/2 foot osage bow. Maybe it’s just mental but it’s none the less real. One of my favorite times of the year is spring turkey season. Bowhunting turkeys with my osage bows has meant waiting in a blind since it’s difficult to hide sitting on the ground and still be able to shoot a 5 1/2 foot bow. Your 50 inch bow has freed me from the blind and allowed me to be much more flexible. It’s always easier calling turkeys from some place they already want to go and with a short bow that I can shoot sitting with my butt on the ground, I’m able to quickly move as necessary. This fall I’ll hunt deer and hogs with the horse bow. I expect to hunt a lot more from the ground and not be limited to locations with climbable trees. Without the requirement of carrying a tree stand, I’ll be able to range much further and access areas that were previously unreachable. Thanks."

(Larry successfully harvested 2 wild pigs last season and so far 1 turkey in the 2018 season. Congrats to Larry and thanks for sharing!)

Larry Ross successful Turkey harvest with bamboo horse bow.

Congrats to Andrew from KY for his 1st whitetail harvest with bamboo horse bow! Complete pass through! Nice work man! Watch his video below.

Customer Larry Ross strikes again! Nov 2018 Deer harvest 

"Dave I hunted this week in Louisiana. Other than 2 spikes this was the only buck that presented a shot opportunity. Complete pass through. 43 pound bamboo horse bow, 600 grain bamboo arrow.