Mead Longbows

The world must not lose sight of how to use raw materials to make things.
Let's keep these traditions ALIVE!


It is compact, lightweight, fast and powerful!

Take this on your next hunt!

This high performance Composite Horse Bow is truly unique!
Pound for pound, dollar for dollar - you will not be disappointed!
It is a “U-Finish” Bow, but fully functional, and already tillered.  All you need to do is light finish sanding and apply protective finish as described in my instructions. Or leave it like it is, put a protective finish on it, let finish dry and go hunting!
Go ahead and add your own artistic touch!
No special tools or previous bow making experience needed!
Draw weight is up to 50# max draw length is 28 inches (Hunting Model).
Draw weight is up to 40# max draw length is 28 inches (Backyard/Target Model).

(30 inch draw length is available, please specify when ordering. Sorry no other custom options.)

Draw length on all bows I make is measured from the back of the bows handle (back being side that faces away from archer) to inside of the nock of the arrow.

All bows are made to be shot left or right handed-

You can still use target model to hunt with, just check your local hunting laws on archery equipment.  Handcrafted in the USA! 

All components are carefully selected & hand-crafted per order.  
Thank you for your patience & support!

 "U-Finish" Bamboo Horse Bow