Mead Archery™
Bamboo Bows by Dave Mead

Made in America

1 Day Kit Assembly Workshop

This private/semi-private workshop offers one-on-one guidance and focuses on the principles of bow design, performance, and the fundamentals of shooting a primitive bow. You will leave with a high performance, primitive bow that will shoot fast, smooth, and accurate over great ranges.  This workshop requires no previous experience.  All tools and materials provided.  All 1 day workshops are BYO food.  We provide water and rest room.  Just show up eager to learn! 

You must be at least 18 years old to attend solo.  If a parent is also attending the workshop, we may go down to 13 years of age, but that is decided on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us directly for further information.  These workshops are designed for the adult.  You can take these skills and pass them onto your child!  

Price range is $200-$300 per person.  Bring a friend or two and SAVE!  Discounted rates for small groups.  An additional day can be added if you would like more time for shooting instruction and/or arrow making.  Workshops are available throughout the year as schedule permits.  Check out our Authorized Instructors page to find the closest workshop near you.  Or if you would like Mead Longbows to come to you instead, contact us for more information.

Deposit and Balance for Workshops:
50% minimum deposit is required at time of registration.  The remaining balance is due the day of your workshop.  Options to pay in full are available as well.  If you must cancel your registration for a workshop, your deposit is not refundable, but you can purchase the bow for just the additional cost of shipping at any time (unless local). Your deposit will count as store credit at that time for up to 1 year.
If you have paid in full, and you cannot make it to the workshop, then I will ship you your bow and you will receive a refund of the remainder minus credit card fees and shipping cost (unless local). We can also transfer the funds to a future workshop.  Only one transfer allowed.

Call or email for more details and to begin scheduling your workshop!   I require at least 1 month advanced notice to prepare materials for this workshop.

Would like to learn how to build a horse bow from scratch?  

Check out our 3 Day Bow Building Workshop!  

*NEW* 1-Day Instinctive Archery Workshop -
Would you like to feel the reward of the true challenge of primitive archery? Learn to shoot a primitive or traditional style bow using instinctive archery. All equipment provided or bring your own!

$150 per person for private lesson or for a large group, discount rates apply. I can also come to you - contact us for more details.

Hourly sessions available for local clients, by appointment only. Brush up on your skills, prep for hunting, tune your bow/arrows.

Watch someone else build one of my frustration free kits 

Upcoming Workshop/Event Schedule

Private workshops booked through 2018. 

Booking now for 2019 - limited spots available. 

(If an earlier date becomes available and you would like to be notified, please contact us.)  

November 24th 2018 - Jacksonville, FL

1 day Bamboo Bow Course with American Survival Co.

register for the course here.

December 15th 2018 - Jacksonville, FL

1 day Bamboo Bow Course with American Survival Co.

register for the course here.

January 26th 2019 - Jacksonville, FL

Build a bamboo Bow from Raw Materials with American Survival Co.

register for the course here.

February 9th 2019 - NW Arkansas

1 day Bamboo Bow course with American Survival Co. and Mead Archery

register for the course here.

February 24th 2019 - Jacksonville, FL

1 day Bamboo Bow course with American Survival Co.

register for the course here.