Mead Longbows

The world must not lose sight of how to use raw materials to make things.  Let's keep these traditions ALIVE!

Primitive technology with modern performance.

This workshop will focus on the principles of bow design, performance, and the fundamentals of shooting a primitive bow.  You will leave with a high performance, primitive bow that will shoot fast, smooth, and accurate over great ranges.  This workshop requires no previous experience.  

Ages 18 & up.  See FAQ's below.

Private Bow Building Workshops:

One-on-one or small groups.  If you are unable to attend one of our pre-scheduled workshops, or if you do best with one-on-one personal guidance, then our Private Workshops may be the best option for you!  Private Workshops are set up similar to regular workshops in that we have a lesson plan prepared for the day and we provide all the tools and materials needed.  The additional advantage of a Private Workshop is that there is always MUCH more time for you to learn how to efficiently use your new bow and arrows.

Private Bamboo Horse Bow 1 Day Workshop - Price range is $200-$300.  Contact us for details.  

Bring a friend or two and SAVE!

Special rates for up to 3 participants.  If you have a small group, contact us for discounted rates.  
All materials provided...just show up eager to learn!  If you would like Mead Longbows to come to you, contact us for more information.  

Private Workshops are available throughout the year as schedule permits.

All workshops are BYO food.  We provide water, and rest room.  

Deposit and Balance for Workshops:
50% minimum deposit is required at time of registration.  The remaining balance is due the day of your workshop.  Options to pay in full are available as well.  


Q.  Is there an age limit?
A.  You must be at least 18 years old to attend solo.  If a parent is also attending the workshop, we may go down to 13 years of age, but that is decided on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us directly for further information.  These workshops are designed for the adult.  You can take these skills and pass them onto your child!  

Q.  What if I have to cancel my registration for a workshop?
A.  If you must cancel your registration for a workshop your deposit is not refundable, but you can purchase the bow for just the additional cost of shipping at any time (unless local).  Your deposit will count as store credit at that time for up to 1 year.
If you have paid in full, and you cannot make it to the workshop, then I will ship you your bow and you will receive a refund of the remainder minus credit card fees and shipping cost (unless local).  We can also transfer the funds to a future workshop.  Only one transfer allowed.

If you have any questions about workshops, feel free to give us a call or email us.  


Primitive Bow and Arrow Workshops

"I live near Berea, Ky and every year I look forward to attending some of the Berea Learnshops. I am an elementary school visual arts teacher, and the Berea classes remind me of the thrill I want to give my students by creating something new, a great rejuvenating jolt right before I start a new school year.  This year I spied a class on Turkish Horsebow making, and another on making primitive arrows- how cool! I could tie this into our phys. Ed. Unit on archery, and with our fifth grade social studies about Native America-you know, collaborating with other classes and strengthening learning, teacher brownie points! And.... let's face it, this looked like fun!I knew I was in good hands with Dave Mead from the moment I arrived. After 24 years of teaching you can't help but notice how classes are presented and organized to you, and he did a great job. Our first task after an introduction on bows and bow making was to get to work sanding the carefully shaped pieces in the end of the bows. He had correctly assessed the time limitations to give us the most steps in making that could fit in the class time allowed. He had prepared with well thought out 'kits' to assemble each bow, while still keeping the steps challenging and engaging. We started in on several hours of hard, careful work. He demonstrated and explained well, he helped patiently, he did not rush or allow any feelings of frustration or worry about going too slow to creep in, he kept us all engaged in a light patter that effortlessly returned to the the task at hand as needed. My teacher brain observed that, with all our differences in skill and ability to pay attention, it would have been easy for the 3 hour session to devolve into 'herding cats', but he kept us all on task pleasantly and easily, and we all successfully made really nice, very functional bows AND had time for some archery instruction, at which he is also a master. The next day I returned confident that I would have an equally pleasant, informative and successful session to make arrows, and I was not disappointed.Dave Mead teaches with careful, well thought out intention, maintains a very positive learning culture, and as you talk with him, you realize he has a great depth of knowledge in his subject, he has made different kinds of bows for years, he looked to history and local, inexpensive materials to synthesize a very functional, affordable replica of the legendary Turkish horse bows that can actually break down into smaller parts for transport! He actively competes and is a master archer, and teaches that skill as well. I would with great confidence recommend anyone, child or adult, who is interested in archery to learn both making and using bows from him. I intend to continue learning from him and to move into actual horseback archery over time." - Cindy from Lexington, KY