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Who am I?

Welcome to the cabin!  I’m Dave Mead and I am a proud American trying my best to raise a family the healthiest and holistically way possible both mind and body in today’s world.  I am an avid outdoorsman, a craftsman and have been building a self reliant lifestyle for the last 15 years and counting.  After spending most of my life in the big city, living a congested life within society's grip, I decided to leave it all behind and become more self reliant living a simpler, more fulfilling life close to nature.  In 2007, my wife-to-be and I left our successful careers in New York City and moved away to the wilderness to begin our new journey.  The economy crashed, I lost my job and found myself working 3 jobs just to make ends meet but I felt so connected to my new property that I had to make it work.  I never gave up on my dream of building a log home for my family and making this place a fully functional homestead.  Over the course of the last 15 years, I became a volunteer firefighter, married, had 6 children, built a home with logs using simple tools, and began building my career as an artisan/craftsman.  My wife and I homeschool, raise a garden, have a mini farm and try to be as resourceful as we can be in providing everything the family needs from nature.  

In 2020, I began building a log home in the woods with simple tools for my growing family and documented the entire process.  This year I will be finishing much needed projects on the homestead and building a breezeway (also known as a dog trot), combining the new log home to a log cabin I built more than 11 years ago.  Click the link below to watch my videos and follow along.
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Every challenge is an opportunity to become a smarter, stronger version of yourself. Welcome it!
-Dave Mead