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A recent interview with American Survival Co. (July 2018)

Dave Mead is the founder of Mead Longbows, a renowned bowyer, author and illustrator. We love Dave’s high-performance, beautiful bows and it’s the bows we make in all of our 1-day and 2-day bow workshops. In addition to being insanely talented, Dave is a great person. Hopefully you can get to know a little bit about him and if you attend our upcoming class in NW Arkansas – you can even make a bow with him!

How did you become a renowned bowyer?

I started in Archery and played with bow making as a child..I trained in Martial Arts and Natural Archery was an easy transition for me..then later in life wanting to live a self sufficient life and be prepared for whatever may happen I decided to try my hand at making my own hunting/survival equipment, and I started with bows. I never looked back, and quickly honed in on the efficiency of a simple designed bow that had excellent performance.

Why did you choose this path and what do you enjoy most about it?
I am on the journey to make the perfect bow. What I enjoy most about it is being able to be innovative, creative and challenge myself with each new endeavor. I never enjoyed trying to replicate/copy what others have already done. It is more fun to be unique.
Have you ever made a custom bow that you just didn’t want to part with? Explain
Actually no. If they are too “pretty” I find it easier to let them go..I favor a bows actual performance as a useful tool over it’s looks.
Can you describe the process from receiving an order to sending out that custom bow?
I try my best to make the bow an extension of the person. The more in tune they are with instinctive archery and a primitive bow the better their experience will be. I then choose the raw materials needed to craft the custom bow, and the process begins. There are many stages to a composite bow. I will usually handle/shape/train a given bow dozens of times over a course of several weeks as it makes it’s way through the creation process.

What would you tell someone who is considering learning archery but has no experience?

Start with the most simple tackle you can and soak up all the rewards we as humans contain when functioning in tune with a primitive tool made from nature. Don’t go out and get the latest greatest modern bow with all the gizmos to make the job of sending an arrow down range easier. All this does is remove YOU the human from the task. A machine can aim a sight, and pull a trigger. Might as well just pick up your rifle.

What is unique about your bows and/or company, that no one else offers?

A very small powerful bow that can be comfortably and accurately shot while accommodating long draw lengths made from natural materials. They are affordable, and I offer them in many different options allowing people an easier way to enter the world of primitive and traditional archery.

Aside from bows, what are your other great passions?

My family, and supporting my children’s passions. I enjoy building a sustainable homestead tucked away in nature where we as a family will be prepared for whatever life throws at us. I enjoy Martial Arts, and engineering/tinkering.

What or who inspires you?

My kids, nature.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

Keep moving forward with your passion/gift.

Meet The Bowyer

Bowyer/Author/Builder:  Dave Mead (AKA Dave Mead Does & Mead Longbows on YouTube/Instagram)
I have been a craftsman and artist since childhood.  Bow making began as a young child and with my martial arts background archery was a big part of my life.  My Native American roots have always kept me close to nature.  I have always felt a tight relationship with the forest and everything it has to offer.  When I decided to hunt to provide food for my quickly growing family, I wanted to do it as spiritually respectful as possible.  Since I have been a woodworker and mechanically trained for many years, I decided to try my hand at bow making; now as an adult with the knowledge of wood and with nature at my disposal.  My first attempt was a success and I was hooked!  I felt an immediate connection with my roots and what I was meant to do.  I was so entranced with bow making, I made nearly 30 of them in the first month alone!  Using locally harvested river cane and bamboo, I made my own arrows and arrowheads from stone and steel.  I find it very rewarding to be able to use all that nature provides. 

I like a challenge and learning as I go where others have not.  I developed my bamboo bows through years of trial and error and experimentation.  I quickly realized I had fixated on a bow's overall performance and efficiency.  With a mechanics mind set, I always like to know how things work and approach things from a very analytical perspective.  Even as a child, I was always taking things apart and experimenting with them to see how they functioned.  The journey to the perfect bow began.  I designed it based around what I wanted in a bow. Maybe it will work for you too...

I make high performance, unique primitive composite bows at an affordable price.  They are highly efficient, fast, powerful, and comfortable to shoot.  Stable, accurate, and smooth to draw.  Very compact with no stack, finger pinch, or hand shock.  I build each and every bow as if it were my own personal hunting weapon.  I spend a great amount of time on them and they are all tested in the field by myself before shipped out.  I will make available any bow I can reproduce in multiples and feel has great efficiency.  Part of the challenge to myself was to build a lightweight bow (around 40lbs) that could do the job of a 60+ pound bow...and do it better! I have successfully harvested whitetail deer using 35 - 39 lb primitive bamboo bows.  Although they may appear very similar, they are all individual creations made from nature's living materials. (Dave is not currently taking custom bow orders, but occasionally you will find 1 in stock he has made here. He is sometimes persuaded to make one when he has the time)

I practice a form of archery that if I had to label I would refer to it as natural archery. It is very reminiscent of some of history's greatest archers, hunters, and warriors. Also, very similar to how our ancestors would have shot a bow and arrow. This style is of more use to a hunter, zen practitioner, or combat soldier. I never learned "modern style" archery and have no desire or need to. I grew up shooting a stick and string and honed in on my human natural ability to hit what I wanted much like when I was a pitcher in baseball, or throwing a football, boomerang, slingshot, knife, tomahawk, casting a line 30 yds away right into the sweet spot where the fish are hiding or even when I used to use my bullwhip to snatch items from my brother's grasp. The point is, there were no sights, no long extended "aiming", there was no aiming. You just simply do it. Modern conveniences are slowly taking away your ability to be a human. Might want to relearn before you are totally dependent on the latest and greatest gadgets. I designed my bows based around what I wanted in a bow and how I shoot/use one. The type of archery I practice, and the type of bow I make are connected. If you are totally new to composite primitive bows but willing to learn then you are in the right place. Let's figure out what bow suits you best. Contact me if you need help with this, I am happy to help you on your journey!  If you are new to primitive bows and archery my advice to you is to use the gifts we are given. We as humans are problem solvers. Train your hand/eye coordination to learn how to shoot naturally. You are interested in a primitive bow and it's ancestral connection, don't bring a modern form of shooting into the journey. If you are not willing to learn and expect to treat this like one of the bows you already own then this may not be the bow for you. These bows offer a world of benefits over other styles but not everyone can drive/care for a formula one race car.

I want to make you a bow that will last the rest of your life.  I personally hand pick/harvest/prepare your materials and craft each and every bow to order.  I am one man, even though I do this full-time due to the uniqueness of my bow and high demand, I cannot keep stock of them.  I begin and complete each bow as if it were to be my own.  This process cannot be rushed.  You will find that any individual bowyer who produces a bow in demand will require a good amount of time.  The bow does not leave me until I am completely satisfied.  Please remember my bows are not made from a lumber yard board, or mass produced for costume props.  My bows are a hybrid style of composite.  The primitive bows I make require adequate time to cure, be properly shot in and trained before I can hand them off to their new owner.  Please also keep in mind there are other orders before yours.  Trust that you commissioned the right person to create you a unique, lifetime tool made from nature.  If you can respect my craft and give me the time needed, I promise to deliver the best quality bow I can make, and do my best to maintain fair prices...that is guaranteed.  A bamboo composite bow is very different and is not to be thought of as a self bow or a wooden bow.  My hands and tools touch every inch, my sweat and sometimes blood goes into every bow.  Time frame depends on wait list of current order volume, pre-scheduled workshops, etc.  If you want a unique high performance tool,  then you have come to the right place.  As soon as you place your order, you will be added to the wait list and your spot will be locked in.  I appreciate the support and patience.

Home Life After spending most of his life in the big city, living a congested life within society's grip Dave decided to leave all that behind and become more self reliant living a simpler more fulfilling life close to nature. In 2007 he and his wife to be left their successful careers in NYC and moved out to the country side of Kentucky to begin their new journey. The economy crashed he lost his job and Dave found himself later working 3 jobs to make ends meet but felt so connected to his new home he had to make it work. He never gave up on his dream of building a log home for his family and making this place a fully functional homestead. Over the course of the last 15 years Dave became a volunteer firefighter, married, had 6 children, built a home with logs using simple tools, and Mead Longbows was created. He and his wife homeschool, raise a garden, have a mini farm and try to be as resourceful as they can in providing everything the family needs from nature. Dave believes archery has so many benefits for all ages and tries to teach and share this with everyone he can. Dave enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, his dog, working on projects around the homestead and training in martial arts/self defense under friend/teacher Steve Heath. See some of Dave's merchandise and products here 

To learn more about me and my experience, connect with me on LinkedIn.  

 Full build seen on Dave Mead Does YouTube channel here 

I have illustrated and co-­authored several survival guides.  I have also worked with survival expert Creek Stewart with Willow Haven Outdoor on his Apocabox.  My original hinging bamboo horse bow design was featured in April 2016 issue of Primitive Archer Magazine.
To see some of my bows in action, visit my YouTube Channel - Mead Longbows.

Some of my hand crafted bows have been in Film/TV and hand made for:

Lars Andersen Master Archer

Lars is a Danish painter (exhibitions at museums and has painted

the Danish Crown Prince) Author and lecturer/teacher. The world's most famous archer. He has been a consultant on film and television series. Learn more about Lars here.

Nicholas Tomihama, Backyard Bowyer -
Nick is an avid archer and bowyer - a leader in the archery world.  Pretty much a master craftsman of whatever he lays his hands on.  He is a great teacher as well.  If you are interested in learning more about archery or tool making, I strongly suggest visiting his YouTube Channel and checking out some of his well put together books. 

Cody AKA Trustin Timber on YouTube-

Trustin Timber is focused on telling visually captivating stories in the forms of documentaries, commercials, and educational films for the outdoor adventure and maker industries.

Creek Stewart -

Survival expert, creator of Apocabox and TV host of “Fat Guys in The Woods!"  You can see the bows I made for him displayed in his awesome lodge at his survival training center, Willow Haven Outdoor.

Tony Kinton -

An amazing author, public speaker and seasoned hunter. and  The bow I made for him is shown in the April 2016 Primitive Archer magazine.

John Halverson -

Master bowyer and co-founder of non-profit organization Black Hills Raptor Center where they provide conservation education featuring live birds of prey. Go check them out and make a donation! 

Joel Graves - 

Survival and bushcraft professional.  Featured on Discovery Channel's Buschcraft Build-Off TV show.  Joel is the co-owner of American Survival Company - bushcraft and tactical survival.  He is also a Mead Longbows's authorized instructor.  

Justin Graves - 

Survival and bushcraft professional.  Featured on Discovery Channel's Buschcraft Build-Off TV show.  Justin is also a Mead Longbows's authorized instructor.  

Matt Tate - 

Survival and bushcraft professional.  Featured on Discovery Channel's Buschcraft Build-Off TV show.  Owner of Integrated Survival Systems in Lowell, Arkansas and co-owner of American Survival Company - bushcraft and tactical survival.

Larry Burton -

Master flint knapper and bowyer.  Innovator, inventor and entrepreneur. Founder of Bear Wallow Farm Nancy KY

Nick Di Francesco (BlackWater Bushcraft) -

Wilderness skills instructor, survival and bushcraft professional.  Check out his YouTube Channel and his Instagram Channel.  

Steve Smith - 

Survival and bushcraft professional.  He has worked with Creek Stewart at Escape The Woods.  Steve is also a Mead Longbows' authorized instructor.

James Jean - Owner of Groundbreaking Multimedia A highly skilled professional videographer & producer, and in my opinion one of the world's most amazing archers. 

He films amazing hunts all over the world and of course his trick shot videos. Go follow him to see some of the best instinctive archery action out there. Facebook @jamesjeantrickshots Instagram james_jean_outdoor YouTube James Jean

Steve Heath AKA The King of Stockton  - Retired Professional MMA Fighter, Middle Weight Champion, lifelong martial artist, self defense coach, archery nut and creator of the most unique self defense tool found here 

To read more about me, click here.