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The Spaded Heart™ EDC EWC (everyday carry everywhere carry) Self Defense Tool was designed by a Professional MMA Fighter with 20 years of experience as a bouncer and 40 years of Martial Arts experience. The Spaded Heart™ job is to multiply the force an underpowered, less trained person can deliver to an attacker. Conveniently carry the The Spaded Heart™ on your key chain, wrist or lanyard and be ready at all times no matter where you are. It can be used in conjunction with your primary defense or as a stand alone. It's also a no touch tool to use in place of your fingers. No more touching germ filled buttons, door handles, and other shared surfaces. The beauty of this tool is that it gives you that option where most all other self defense tools require the entire hand to use it. The Spaded Heart™ can also assist in survival rescue situations as a signal device, bearing block for a bowdrill fire starter, and to break glass in an emergency. No matter what your skill level is this tool is guaranteed to add more horsepower to your chances of survival. Add this to your EDC now!

My Mission:
To protect lives by creating a new sense of awareness, instilling confidence and empowering you to defend yourself and loved ones. No martial arts background needed. There is no system to train. I show you once and your life and confidence is changed indefinitely. You can then share this with your loved ones. I take simple human reactions and show you how to make them devastating by using everyday force multipliers. I have been teaching this to all of my loved ones for more than 10 years and now I am sharing it with the world. CLICK HERE to learn more.
- Steve Heath, The Spaded Heart™ and Martial Awareness creator

                                                          Pro Fighters Steve Heath and NIck Diaz

I started martial arts training at the age of 10. In my teenage years, I was on the wrestling team, competed in local karate tournaments, and took up boxing at the old California Police Youth Activity Center under the instruction of Frank Dobales. Eventually, my love for all styles of fighting led me to an underground fight world where weight class and rounds hadn’t existed yet. You fought until someone quit. I was a “Mixed Martial Artist” before “MMA” was considered a sport. When I was 25, I became a professional fighter and had the honor to fight all over the country in “sanctioned” MMA events. I traveled to Japan as a fighter and coach. During my professional career, I held the Middle Weight and Light Heavy Weight Titles held in both IFC and Warriors Quest Organizations.

I have an extensive background and have trained in various styles of Martial Arts.

– Kung Fu San Soo

– Goju-Ryu Karate-Do

– Extensive Training in Filipino Martial Arts (Carlito Bonjoc and Steve Novinger)

– Black Belt-Brazilian Jiujitsu (Eric Shingu)

– Certified Edged Weapon Graduate of Novinger Knife Fighting System

– Original Member of Gracie Fighter Fight Team (Cesar Gracie)

– Original Member of Shingu Fighter Fight Team (Eric Shingu)

– 24 years of professional experience in competing and teaching Mixed Martial Arts

– IFC Warriors Championship Hawaii 2003 Middleweight Championship

– 2000 IFC Middleweight Champion

– June 1999 Warriors Challenge

– 8 Man Tournament Champion June 1999

– USWKC Western Mix Martial Arts September 1998

– February 1998 Main NHB (no holds barred) Championship

– 1997 US Open Jiujitsu Champion Blue Belt Division

I have trained many martial artists and fighters, but two profound fighters are Nick and Nate; the Diaz brothers.

Nick Diaz started training with me in Lodi, CA at a gym called Animal House Gym when he was 15yrs old; just before his sixteenth birthday. I was teaching Jiujitsu there under Cesar Gracie. I was already fighting at the time. Nathan started training with us a little while later. He would come in everyday to train and most of the time, he was the only one I could count on to spar with when I was getting ready for fights. Most of the grown men did not have the will to train that hard, so all I had was Nick. I introduced Nick to Cesar Gracie and Nick would ride with me to Concord, CA to train at Cesar’s. There were no grapplers in Stockton or the surrounding area at the time to give us good training. Nick and Nate Diaz are two gentlemen I have had the pleasure of working with for many years; they are family to me.

Some info about the Diaz brothers:

Nick Diaz –

IFC Welterweight Champion

Elite XC Welterweight Champion

Iska WEC Championship

Nate Diaz –
Winner of the Ultimate Fighter Season 5

2016 Submission of the Year Winner

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